Accipio is no ordinary reviewing tool.

The Accipio platform not only facilitates anonymous reviewing, it allows each user to agree or disagree with other people's comments. This provides 360 degree feedback.

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Below is a quick overview of the Accipio process,
describing the stages Facilitators and Reviewers participate in.

1. Setup

The Facilitator creates a new Review Group and adds Reviewers and Subjects. The Subjects might be products, teams or even individuals.

2. Commenting

Reviewers are invited to participate in the Commenting stage. They make anonymous comments about the strengths and weaknesses of each subject.

3. Moderation

Facilitators are in complete control over the moderation process. Although it's best if Facilitators remain impartial; abusive, unproductive or irrelevant comments can be flagged and removed from the process so that they will never be seen by the Reviewers.

4. Scoring

Reviewers are given the opportunity to rate whether they agree or disagree with each comment anonymously submitted by other Reviewers. This includes the Reviewer's own comments.

5. Results

The Results stage presents the information collected to both the Faciliator and the Reviewers. Faciliators can see all the comments for every subject, as well as the degree to which other Reviewers agreed with each comment.

Reviewers can see whether other Reviewers agreed or disagreed with their original comments.

This process provides valuable feedback for both the Facilitator and the Reviewers. The Facilitator will discover the most agreed upon strengths and weaknesses of a subject, and each Reviewer will appreciate how their opinions are perceived by other people.